Jules started pole dancing in 2005 and was one of the original Lady Love students. Who would have thought that in 2010 she would have bought the business! She has a background in teaching both music and sports which are now also her interests. Jules thanks Cristie Love for establishing Lady Love and showing her the fantastic benefits of pole dancing. When she can ‘escape’ from administration duties you will find her on a pole doing what she loves to do, teaching pole dancing.


Sharmilla was first introduced to pole in 2007 after attending an Open Night at Lady Love and was instantly addicted. There is something about challenging gravity that is satisfying and extremely fun! “No form of exercise I had ever done prepared me for pole dancing, so don’t wait until you feel like you might be able do it… the strength will come as you learn”. Sharmilla has performed at hens parties, Lady Love promotions and State competitions.


Alicia enjoys many types of dance; including ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and salsa. When Alicia began pole dancing several years ago, she was thrilled to begin such a new and exciting journey! Pole dancing for Alicia means fitness, fun and strength. Pole dancing is a way of creating confidence in yourself and the ability to condition your body into something it has never been trained in before. Alicia has performed at hens shows, promotions and in our Lady Love Fringe 2012 shows.


Caitlin has been a dancer all her life but never found the perfect style until she came across pole dancing in 2013. It was love at first class as she loved the challenge and fun of pole. She loves the way it can make you feel both strong and sexy. Caitlin has performed in Lady Love shows as well as in a variety of styles including cheer leading, burlesque and ballroom.

Morgan Minx

Morgan Minx has tried many forms of dance throughout her life but it wasn’t until 2009 that she discovered her passion and addiction for pole dancing at Lady Love and completely fell in love! Since then she has also trained and instructed pole dancing in the Gold Coast and worked as a professional performer in Brisbane and Adelaide. Morgan Minx is happy to be back at Lady Love teaching, performing professionally at numerous Adelaide events and entering Pole Dance Competitions.