With no experience necessary, this course is designed to teach all the basic moves and techniques of pole dancing and suitable for women that have never pole danced before. You do not have to be fit to start, your strength will improve as you go along, your first step to sexy, strong and fit. You will be surprised at how much you will learn in 8 weeks!

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Intermediate 1

For those students who have already completed our beginner course. Learn exciting pole manoeuvres including more complex spin combinations and we guide you into going upside down for the first time.

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Intermediate 2

Intermediate 2 gives you lots of opportunities to feel confident upside down. Continue to build your muscle strength by working on moves, spins and lifts that will get you well on the way to being a Lady Love Pole Dancer.

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Intermediate 3

This is where things really start heating up. You will be learning more complex combinations and inverts with a pole dance routine that is great for your strength, flexibility and cardio.

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Intermediate 4

This is your last level of the Intermediate classes. By the end of this course,  you would have completed 5 pole dance routines and will be able to perform aerial moves, combinations and spins confidently and transisition in a smooth and sexy style.

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Advanced Prep

By now you are a pole addict and are learning moves that defy gravity. This course concentrates on perfecting those moves and developing your strength, technique and flexibility and preparing you for our Advanced levels.

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)


Learn to master challenging advanced moves and applying those moves to choreographed routines, combining pole dance and pole skills. If you want to, there will be opportunities for competitions, promotions and performances as you progress through our various Advanced Levels.

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Pole Conditioning

Pole Conditioning is for students who have completed beginners and above. This 8 week course is designed to help build your core strength, upper body and legs, also working on your cardio and fitness which significantly helps you progress through your dance classes and to achieve those more difficult moves.

Cost: $220   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Tricks & Technique

Learn cool tricks, spins and combinations and work on those hard to get moves. Improve your aerial manoeuvres into a strong, smooth and flawless style. Suitable for higher Intermediate Levels and above.

Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)

Stretch and Splits

Our Stretch and Splits course is an intense 1 hour class working on your legs, back, shoulders and hip flexibility. It is designed to strengthen your movement, get into those splits, as well as gaining flexibility. Suitable for all levels and non pole dancers as well.


Cost: $220 Length: 1 hour(s) Duration: 8 week(s)

Exotic Style

Our NEW course for 2018! Combining sexy floor work, beautiful spins and pole dance combos, learning to flow between the pole and the floor like a professional. Learn a fully choreographed dance routine (in your heels) over the 8 Week Course. This course is perfect for levels of intermediate and above.


Cost: $230   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 8 week(s)


A whole course dedicated to being sexy and strong on the floor. Learn to glide, roll and move around the floor in a slinky and sexy style, an amazing workout for your core and great for flexibility too. Suitable for non pole dancers and all levels and dont forget to bring knee pads (or leg warmers) and heels.

Cost: $230 Length: 1 hour(s) Duration: 8 week(s)


A unique style of Burlesque Dance. Learn to Burlesque the Lady Love way. Just bring your heels and sassy attitude, all other props (feather boas, hats, gloves, fans, etc) are provided. Burlesque classes are intimate with a maximum of 6 women per 1 hour class.

Cost: $120   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 4 week(s)

Lap Dance

Lap Dance like a professional or dance in your lounge room, whatever the reason we would love to teach you. Each 4 week course has a sexy dance routine around a chair that you can take home and show someone special. Bring your heels and yes we do keep our clothes on during the class!

Cost: $120   Length: 1 hour(s)   Duration: 4 week(s)

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for one – one or 2 girls. Costs $70 per hour for 1 person and $30 for additional girl. These classes are good for shy students or ladies who would like to learn more in a shorter time. These can be in pole dance, pole conditioning/training or burlesque/lap dance. Private lessons can be arranged during the day or evening with an instructor of your choice (depending on availability).
Private Lesson discounted packages are also available.

Cost: $70 Length: 1 hour(s) Duration: 0 day(s)